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On June 28th

Denver Jury acquitted a Denver Legal Team client of ALL charges surrounding allegations of sexual abuse. After a two week trial the jury deliberated for approximately 6 hours before coming to a unanimous verdict of not guilty. The Denver Legal Team lead by Attorney Leonard A. Martinez and Michael Meaux has argued from the beginning that man was a target of false allegations by a family that was protecting itself against social services intervention for their living conditions and had an ultimate goal of suing the Defendant for money. The jury agreed.

The Denver District Attorney pursued this case, even though the allegations were filled with inconsistencies and flat out lies. Not only have these false allegations damaged my client and his reputation, his family has also suffered greatly through this terrible ordeal. The Denver District Attorney's office came after him with everything they had, however the truth does not change and justice was eventually served.


On June 13th

Denver County Jury Acquits another Denver Legal Team client of DUI charges after a full days trial. The DLT client was facing his 5th DUI and facing at least one year mandatory jail. After only deliberating for one hour the jury found the client not guilty of DUI or DWAI. These are the types of cases where a positive outcome is hard to foresee from the onset. However, through diligent work and steadfast dedication, we are able to achieve results like this for many, many clients.

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On February 4th

After 2 years of litigation the Denver Legal Team was able to complete a settlement for a family of a man who was shot and killed by local police officers.

"There is some satisfaction in knowing that my clients family will be taken care of for some time, however that does not bring back the man's life." - Leonard Martinez.

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